Oh heeeeey!!

Well hello!

Finally, we're here, our very own website.

Its nothing special I knows, but, a small business is forever a work in progress.

Whether you've been on this journey with us since the beginning, or you've just found us, hello, welcome, and thank you so much for been here. Every single like, comment, share, heart, order, post, all of it, makes so much difference to a small business and it just warms us up from the inside out like a hot cup of tea.

For 2020 we're focusing on preorders. The reasons for this are three fold. Firstly, space. Or lack of. I don't have masses of storage space, which is increasingly become a problem! With lots and lots of new designs for this year I feel offering preorders eliminates the issue of the space which I need to store enough fabric to make it viable. Secondly, only ordering what I need and not wasting any is much better for the environment, and thirdly, it gives you the opportunity to buy exactly what you need!

The first round of preorders kicks off on Wednesdays the 29th January, ending on the 5th February. Items are expected to be all out by the end of March. There are SIX designs to choose from, five are designed by two of my Favourite designers, Sammi ( and Cassie (@soverycassie), and I cannot wait to see them in real life!

Would love to hear what you are going to order! Whats your favourite design?

Big Kisses!


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